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Level 1 (Flatwater) ACA Essentials of Kayaking Course

Oct 2nd, 2010

Where: Deam Lake Recreational Area, just 20 mins from downtown Louisville.
Cost: $60 (free with purchase of boat or students may use coupons from Living Social)

Introduction to Kayaking is a six-hour course focusing on skills needed for any type of kayak including but not limited to sit on tops, recreational, folding and inflatable. Presentations include dressing to paddle safely and potential paddling hazards. Simple rescues are demonstrated by the instructor combined with the paddling skills practiced by students to maneuver safely and comfortably on still water. Designed as a stand-alone course, students desiring more intensive skills would proceed to Level 2 or 3 courses to continue the learning and refinement process, as one progesses forward, the track to follows depends on interest and kayak type.

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