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Blue River Review

Jun 28th, 2010

The Blue River is situated in southern Indiana, and meanders through Harrison and Crawford counties to its final destination in the Ohio River.  The Blue has been protected since 1974 by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources as part of the Indiana Natural Scenic River System.

So what is so special about the Blue? The river is largely spring fed, which along with its limestone bedrock bottom, creates a river with wonderfully clear and cool water able to sustain an amazing diversity of life. For example there are over 25 species of fresh water mussels living in the Blue River, more than the entire continent of Europe. Consequently the Blue has two organizations working together in order to protect it and its inhabitants for years to come: The Nature Conservancy’s Blue River Project Office, and the state’s Blue River Commission.

We paddled the Blue just a week ago and found out what an amazing resource this river is for local paddlers. Firstly being spring fed with a lime stone bottom, it is still flowing late into the summer when other rivers are two shallow to provide any fun. And coming from springs the water is still wonderfully refreshing and great for swimming in on hot summer days.  Secondly the state has created and maintains a number of public put-ins and take-outs with large parking lots and restroom facilities making it easy to enjoy a day on the river (map here).  Don’t have a partner to paddle with? Then call Cave Country Canoes (812-365-2705), with its home located right on the Blue at Milltown, Indiana. Cave Country does rentals, or for a small fee will pick you and your boat up at the end of the day and shuttle you back to your car.

If you haven’t paddled it yet I definitely encourage you to. Being only 40 minutes to the Rothrock Mill put-in from Louisville, and having a maximum rating of Class 1+ (moving water with some ripples and waves) means it’s a great resource to be easily enjoyed by paddlers and families of all ability levels!

For further information see a movie about it HERE.

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